Good Medicine


Wednesday Wine Tasting
Free tastes of 2-3 wines from around the world each week!


Music in the Backyard
Free live music each week!


Sunday Chef’s Specials
5-9 pm

Inspired by the story of C.B. Pullin who would ride his horse Lulabelle to play dominoes out back under the oak tree, we bring you a new vision for Leakey Drug. The interiors have been lovingly re-imagined for modern comforts and a chef’s kitchen but we took special care to keep the history of this special place intact. We aim to be a place in the heart of town where people still gather to gossip and of course, play dominoes.

We hope to have something for everybody…
grab a coffee and a bite to eat, a glass of local wine, or sit at the bar for a good ol’ fashioned soda fountain beverage made modern with contemporary foodie vibes.

Honoring our past and celebrating Leakey, Texas with good ol’ fashioned southern hospitality.